Proximidad Distante / Distant Proximity

Distant Proximity
The need not only of staying connected with the others but a desire of giving image to the absent bodies detonated by the circumstances of the quarantine is what made me develop a project that surged from my photographic practice. Limited by the space and mobility, I searched for the technological means in order to continue generating portrait encounters with other subjects: Distant Proximity
I migrated my photographic practice to a digital real-time communication platform which obligated me to adapt my view and processes to a new form of interaction. I began portraying subjects from the intimacy of their spaces through screenshots. It’s a collaborative process where the subjects acquire a new agency in the production of images, in this case they are not only models but camera assistants guided by my directions. Thus reflecting upon the new significance behind the annulment of the bodies’ physicality and concentrating on its substitution through a virtual presence as well as the role that both technology and the new actors have in the photographic act. In this case mediated bodies in distant proximity.