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Valerie Belgrave

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Publisher: iUniverse (August 20, 2014)


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"A novel of real imaginative power. -Trinidad Guardian

""A novel for those looking for something meaningful as well as entertaining to read.""-Daily Express

The liberalism of eighteenth-century Trinidad, epitomized in the love between the black heroine and white hero, provides the ideal microcosm wherein Belgrave works out her humanitarian concerns that ultimately take on universal dimensions. -Vision Magazine

In 1796, the Caribbean is rife with war and tension which threaten to cut deep into the sleepy island of Trinidad where the Santa Clara cocoa estate remains a peaceful haven.

Eléna, a mixed-race beauty, grew up on the estate and is totally unaware that her idyllic life is about to change. When she meets Barry Wingate, the young, impetuous English aristocrat taking refuge on the island, passion flares into stirring romance and forbidden love.

Amid the violence of revolt, torture and conquest, Eléna and Barry must prove their love by defying the savage times. Heartbreak and high adventure result from their struggle to break taboos and challenge slavery and racism on both sides of the war-torn Atlantic.

Powerful, action-packed, Ti Marie, is a gripping journey through history, one which breaks down the boundaries of romance, and of the romance genre too. The Author's Afterword for this acclaimed novel is also a ""must read"".


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