Download The Piano Teacher Every Wrong Note Leads To A Spanking

The Piano Teacher: Every wrong note leads to a spanking

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Language: English

Pages: 195

Publisher: Chimera Books (September 21, 2015)


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Imagine how Lucy got herself into such a spot. Imagine her bent helplessly over the chair, her skirt raised, exposing her panties. Imagine what Dr Tovey has planned for her.

When Lucy, bored by her life at college, takes up music lessons with Miss Araminta Martin she expects to work hard, but what she does not expect is Miss Martin's strict code of discipline and anachronistic methods of punishment. So imagine her caught up in a bizarre world of punitive music making, in which seemingly every wrong note leads to a spanking - or worse.

Torn between her love of music and fear of chastisement Lucy takes her punishment bravely, attracting the attentions of the predatory Dr Tovey, the dour Mr McLellan, and Miss Martin's wicked young maid. As the day of the final concert approaches she's faced with a difficult decision: should she try to escape, or should she stay and perform her piece before an audience all too willing to spank the bottoms of errant girls?


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