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The Gatecrasher

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 296

Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books; 1st edition (July 10, 2007)

ISBN: 0312361270

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 7.1 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

The Secret Is Out!
Madeleine Wickham is Sophie Kinsella, and The Gatecrasher is just as delicious as her internationally bestselling Shopaholic series. Madeleine Wickham's bitingly funny and edgy style keeps fans coming back for more.  So hold onto your haute couture hats, as you dive into the fantastic world of Wickham! 

Everything's coming up roses for Fleur Daxeny, as she goes through more rich men than she does designer hats....if that's humanly possible.  Beautiful, charming, and utterly irresistible, her success at crashing funerals to find wealthy men is remarkable.  But behind Fleur's Harvey Nichols wardrobe, is a woman with a mysterious past. 
Fleur wastes no time in seducing her latest conquest, the handsome and rich widower Richard Favour, and she swoops into his life like a designer-clad tornado.  His children are caught up in a whirlwind as their father's new girlfriend descends on the family estate leaving chaos and excitement in her perfume-scented wake. Soon, more than one family member is suspicious of Fleur's true intentions. 

   Fleur is not one to wear her heart on her Chanel sleeves, but she soon finds herself embracing Richard and his lovable family. But just as Fleur contemplates jumping off the gold-digger train for good and enjoying the ride of true love, a long-buried secret from her past threatens to destroy her new family. Fleur is thrown into a race against time to prove herself to Richard before it's too late.  Can she trust her heart or will she cut ties and run away as fast as her Prada pumps can take her?
Take a wild and marvelous ride with The Gatecrasher, whose clever, chic, and sassy style will leave you desperately wanting more wonderful Wickham!

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