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Big Bear, Little Bear

David Brierley

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Language: English

Pages: 223

Publisher: Ostara Publishing (June 14, 2012)

ISBN: B008BUD828

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Orris was careful not to say too much; never volunteer information to a man with a gun; nor to a woman. He was the Depot’s best man in the field: he was proficient with gun, knife and hands; when he stood still he went unnoticed; he moved fast without hurrying; he was infinitely plausible when questioned; but once you’ve been at the wrong end of a rifle, everything changes. For days after you see colours more vividly, the outlines of familiar objects are sharper.
Orris well knew that four years in this field and you were an old fox or you were dead.

It is 1948 and the Russian Bear has devoured Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Hungary. In Czechoslovakia an underground, British-run resistance network is betrayed and wiped out except for a single survivor, the embittered professional agent George Orris. As the Russians turn a hungry eye on Berlin – and the Americans plan for what will become known as the famous Air Lift – Orris chooses the devastated and divided city as the battleground on which to unmask the traitor inside British Intelligence.
Big Bear, Little Bear is David Brierley’s masterpiece of cold war espionage fiction: tense, taught, spare, often heart-breaking and rich in spy ‘trade craft’, on publication The Sunday Times reviewed it as: "(A) super-skilled graft of fiction on to history, spanning the fateful months from February to June 1948...Terse portraits of domestic Intelligence staff, bitter love among the ruins, powerfully painful denouement. Has the rancid strength of a distillation of the best of Le Carré and Deighton: an authentic winner."

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